2019   "The 4th Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award & Biennale”, NTCRI Taipei Branch, Taipei

           "Miaoli Pottery Competition Exhibitions”, Miaoli Central Park, Miaoli

           "Taiwan Ceramics Awards”, Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei City

           "Art in PARK HOTEL TOKYO”, Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo

           "Art Tainan Exhibition”, Tayih Landis Tainan, Tainan

2018   "Rare Animal Fantasy”, solo exhibition at Demo Orange Humanistic, Tainan

           " The 24th Nanying Awards Exhibition”, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center Hsin-Ying District, Tainan

           " IAC, Ceramics Generations”, National Taiwan University of Arts, New Taipei City

           " Art Osaka 2018”, Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka

2017   " Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award & Biennale”, NTCRI Taipei Branch, Taipei

           " Korea International Art Fair, Art Seoul”, COEX Hall A&B, Seoul

2016   " Kaohsiung Harbor International Art Fair, Kaohsiung Today”, Meet Taiwan, Kaohsiung

2014   "Young Art Taipei” Exhibition at Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, Taipei

           "Art Tainan Exhibition” at Tayih Landis Tainan, Tainan

2013  "Object, Image and Re-build” Exhibition at Zhi Yi Ran Art Studio, Tainan


2020   Finalist, 2020 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale

2019   Finalist, The 4th Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award & Biennale

           Second Place, Miaoli Pottery Competition Exhibitions

           Recommendation Awards in The Creative Awards Category, Taiwan Ceramics Awards

2018   Finalist in Sculpture & Mixed Media Category, The 24th Nanying Awards

2017   Finalist, The 3rd Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award & Biennale

2011   Third Place in Sculpture Category, The 29th Taoyuan Fine Arts Exhibition

           The Honorable Mention Award in Sculpture Category, Tainan Local Fine Arts Exhibition



2020   Taiwan Ceramics Residency Program, Yingge Ceramics Museum, January to April



2019   Mirage Phoenix, Miaoli Central Park, Miaoli

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